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People Counter

  • Umdasch MMIT_People Counter

With the People Counter by Umdasch Digital Retail it is possible to generate an overall understanding of your customers. In today’s intensely competitive retail scene this is important knowledge when it comes to success. Nowadays the changes in purchasing habits through the customer’s increased awareness of prices and service and the complexity of large retail organisations demand a more precise analysis of customer behaviour.

  • Increase of your revenues through the improvement of the relationship between purchasers and visitors
  • Customer flow and trend analysis for the evaluation of advertising and promotion campaigns
  • Optimisation of strategic marketing measures
  • Optimisation of opening times and staff employment planning
  • Bonus system for staff based on customer presence
The People Counter permits insight into statistical values including:
  • Analysis of number of visitors
  • Generation of statistics relating to shop visitors
  • Comparison of data within a specific period of time

Your data will be updated in real time. Our system permits you to analyse your data as well as data generated at different places, and to manage and export them, to compare them with each other and also with POS data, marketing statistics, etc.