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Gender Recognition

In today’s retail environment with its intense competition it is not enough to offer high-quality services or products, or to design well-organised advertising campaigns. It is essential to understand the forces behind the changed markets: consumer behaviour. With the Gender Recognition tool by Umdasch Digital Retail it is possible to analyse consumer behaviour by evaluating statistics relating to gender and age

  • Comparison of gender and age statistics in the individual branches
  • Combination of information with data about visitor flow and the POS, in order to generate knowledge about customer behaviour
  • Optimisation of marketing campaigns including Digital Signage
  • Overview for staff numbers and demography
  • Reduction of costs, increase in revenues and improvement of customer experience

The Gender Recognition generates statistics about the following things:
  • Generation of statistics about shop visitors
  • Evaluations as to the numbers as well as the ages of the male and female consumers
  • Analysis of information about a specific period of time
  • Comparison of data with regard to a specific period of time

Your data will be updated in real time. It is possible to check the results on the Umdasch Digital Retail system via web browser.