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Checkout Queue

The customer queue at the checkout is the most critical and emotional area in the shop. Most consumers experience this queuing as a negative experience. Research even shows that waiting at the checkouts is the main reason for customer’s lack of satisfaction in the retail store. Short waiting times combined with an optimal use of staff at the checkouts are therefore the key to increasing customer satisfaction at the end of the purchasing process.

  • Minimisation of waiting times at the checkouts
  • Generation of sustainable customer loyalty
  • Encouragement of consumer expenditure
  • Increase of customer satisfaction
  • Analysis of trends and evaluation of advertising campaigns
  • Improvement of staff planning and optimisation of opening times
With the Checkout Queue you have insight into the following statistics:
  • Analysis of average waiting time at the checkout
  • Examination of waiting time when queues are long
  • Analysis of the approximate number of people in the queue

Your data will be updated in real time. It is possible to check the results on the Umdasch Digital Retail system via web browser.