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Smart Tracking: Customer Frequency Analysis

The analysis tool from viBIZ will help to optimise your efficiency at the POS

Analysis tools

Global, interconnected, urban, mobile and individual: these are the guiding principles of the 21st century. They also apply to Digital Retail, the visionary division of Umdasch Shopfitting. This corporate unit is developing the shops of tomorrow. It offers a wide range of digital tools and permits the intelligent linking of classic shopfitting and future technologies – including content development, software and maintenance.

It is possible to follow every click via the internet. With the help of this information, online retailers can provide special recommendations for other products. By using its various tools the customer frequency analysis by Umdasch Shopfitting also offers you precisely such solutions, but for bricks-and-mortar shops.
By customer frequency analysis we understand the analysis of customer movements around or within a store. The aim of the analysis is to gain data about customer behaviour and to optimise efficiency at the Point of Sale. By investigating customer movements within a shop we can gain knowledge useful for both the shop design and the interior.
However, solutions of Umdasch Shopfitting go one step further: with customer frequency analysis we can offer a number of tools which help to understand the retail sector and customers even better, in order to generate effective analyses relating to customer behaviour as well as organising the shop areas better, thereby enabling you to distinguish yourself from the competition.

  • People Counter 
  • Gender Recognition
  • Checkout Queue 
  • Activity Visualizer

Various tools are available which will provide you with precisely these advantages: the so-called People Counter, the Gender Recognition, Checkout Queue and Activity Visualizer. 

Together with the experts of Umdasch Digital Retail you can design your store of the future and establish yourself as a pioneer when digital products meet bricks-and-mortar retailing.

Product sheet Customer Frequency Analysis