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Umdasch Digital Retail Services
Everything from one source

Consumers want integrated cross-channel services to link all sales channels. Retailers want integration conceived solutions. In the development and implementation of POS 4.0 the Digital Retail-Experts of Umdasch Shopfitting help. Combined together with the shopfitting colleagues of Umdasch Shopfitting, the ultimate integrator.

The big advantage for customers: There is only one contact person who competently plan everything from a single source. Creating a consistent and well thought-out whole. The digital services offer traders not only a variety of digital tools and concepts, they also ensure the smooth integration and content delivery within cross-channel selling.

First meeting
The initial meeting serves to identify the customers' specific needs and requirements in relation to his shop. Technical options are explained here by our Digital Retail experts. We discuss the use of products in the business. The result should be a rough concept of a functioning cross-channel strategy including the possible implementation processes for both sides.
Digital Shopfitting Store Check
The classic Store-Check of Umdasch Shopfitting is extended by Umdasch Digital Retail to essential digital components. While Umdasch Shopfitting focuses on the classic shopfitting with all its facets in the conventional check, MMiT carries out the service package "Digital Store-check" a branch and assortment-specific evaluation, determining which digital options are best for each store to maximize their use. The aim is to develop a customized digital strategy.
Workshop and Design Concept
After a thorough analysis and a detailed joint briefing of the experts, Umdasch Digital Retail develops a technical and substantive design concept. Internal company fundamentals such as corporate design or software solutions are as a matter of course their prime consideration. The result is a comprehensive approach for optimal cross-channel strategy and - if necessary - for a new positioning of the retailer.
After commissioning, Umdasch Digital Retail starts with the customer-specific adaptation of the selected solutions. The concept for the content, preparation for subsequent deployment, and maintenance of content, is done all while leveraging existing components and resources. Based on this, MMiT carries out the development of tailor-made content management processes. If necessary, the required interfaces are tailored to the in-house systems. Thanks to the close cooperation with the professionals of Umdasch Shopfitting, working in parallel steps for optimal integration of Digital Products for the display location.
First Installation / Evaluation and Review
New technical solutions are always tested against comprehensive analysis. Depending on the solution, several weeks to several months is a good trial run. During this period, feedback sessions and joint evaluation sessions provide continuous feedback in order to make the perfect fit solution for an eventual rollout.
Umdasch Digital Retail offers continuing care upon request even after the installation of digital solutions in the form of a maintenance and service package. This also applies for the entire rollout phase.