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The Price Checker updates prices

  • MMIT_Preis-Checker_Scannen von Produkten

The Price Checker – an informativ tool for promoting sales

It always knows the right price and is thus a real help for customers when shopping, since they often do not know what an article currently costs because of all the special or seasonal offers. These are no problem for the Price Checker. It is a combination of barcode scanner and miniature screen. On the one hand it shows the customer the current price and on the other supplies additional information about the scanned product. This additional information can be presented as text, a picture or a video in the immediate vicinity of the article. So the Price Checker is a tool for promoting sales, especially as it also permits the generation of excellent cross-selling opportunities.
The concept for making the best use of the Price Checker is developed in close consultation with the retailer. Apart from integration into the shopfitting – for example through special holders or building it directly into the furnishings – upon request the interfaces to existing software can be programmed, a mask for entering information can be developed and the contents can be linked into existing databases. 
– Sales support through text/picture/video
– Current prices shown at all times through the AVS interface
– Stable and sustainable in use
– Simple installation of hardware and software
– Low maintenance through direct data interface to the checkout system
– Cross-linking via existing network and WLAN
Technical Details: 
Measurements: L261 x W179,6 x D27 mm
Weight: 0,85 kg
Resolution: 1280 x 800 Pixel
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Diagonals: 10“
Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
Ethernet: RJ45 10/100M
Items supplied: 2D-scanner, display and housing
Integration contents:
– Locally via the direct insertion of a USB stick into the computer.
– Within a shop by controlling it via the local WLAN network.
– In chain stores using central control of the content via Cloud.
Product sheet Price Checker