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Digital Signage and Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL) - Frequently Asked Questions

For questions, accurate information and competent advice please contact the team of Umdasch Digital Retail! Some of the most common questions that deal with connection with electronic price labeling (ESL) and digital signage, we have summarized for you here. 


– Do I need new shelves to install ESL in my shop?
No! The individual planning, the installation - based on your shelf solution - is included in the Umdasch Digital Retail Service. Both the classic ESL tags as well as ESL.inclusive by Umdasch can be integrated into an existing shelf solution.
– How long does the battery of an electronic price tag last?  
With three updates per price tag / day, the battery has a lifetime of at least 5 years. ESL.inclusive by Umdasch also provides the ability per bar (7-12 tags on a shelf running meters) to equip the electronic shelf labeling with a battery, or fully provide for a new shelving system integrated with electricity.

– Is it possible to order colorful price tags?
Yes. Meanwhile, the price tags with text / image are available in black, white and red.

– Do I need a completely new ERP system?
No! Umdasch Digital Retail provides a connection between your existing enterprise resource planning system and the in-house software, so you can make changes in prices as usual. You do not have to adjust to a new system itself.

– How much time should I expect in my shop for the implementation of ESL?
From the decision to use ESL up to the first price tag display in the store, is only a few weeks. Assuming you already have a centralized database where all the products and prices are stored. This forms the basis for any ESL software from the database itself - in most cases operating from the enterprise resource planning system.
Umdasch Digital Retail writes the software "middleware", interconnecting with the enterprise resource planning system and ESL.
– Which digital signage solution should I start in my shop?
Umdasch Digital Retail will help you determine in an initial meeting, the best product for the specific needs in relation to your business, The technical possibilities are explained and outlined along with a projection of the of sequence of implementation of digital equipment to your store. In the context of this conversation, building Digital Store-check is set, which bring the desired effect for you at the point of sale. Umdasch Digital Retail, creating the perfect interconnection between the latest technology and connecting you with the products suitable for your retail concept. From price checker, through transparent screens to head-up screens and interactive Walls (Vipos). 

– How do I control the content for my digital signage solutions at the POS?
There are basically three ways Digital Store Equipment solutions are provided with content:
a) locally via the direct connection of a USB stick on the PC,
b) Within one store by driving over the local Wi-Fi network,
c) In store operations through centralized control of content via cloud.
– How much time for the implementation of digital signage in my shop?
After choosing the right digital signage solution it does not take long and can be only a matter of weeks. A clarifying workshop on functionality and content is also available before programming and implementing the digital solution.
TIME factors, which play an important role:
  – whether passive content is to be played
  – the maintenance and modification process and control of the content takes place,
  – what content is provided by the retailer and its creative agency,
  – whether, and if so, which active features to be offered to the customer (for example Vipos-Wall).