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Electronic Shelf Labeling based on wireless communication

Wireless technology as the basis for ESL

Two methods of data transmission are available today:
- data transmission via radio
- Infrared data transfer
These days wireless technology is the most common version. To manage the data transfer access points are installed in the retail store. Such access points use the standard 2.4Ghz network and cover an area of around 2,000 square meters.

Electronic shelf labeling is based on the e-ink technology, which is already known by costumers through e-book readers. ESL is distinguished by it’s low battery / power consumption  and it’s high-contrast display. So, the price tags are brilliant when viewed from every different angle. The difference between paper price tags and ESL for the consumer is immediately recognizable. 
Further advantages of E-ink technology: 
- Full Graphical display in multiple colors (for example, black, red, white) 
- high-contrast display 
- display additional product information possible through QR and / or barcode 
- price tag is very thin and light 
- energy saving and environmentally friendly