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  • MMIT_Label_7,4_Zoll

Product description

The largest in its class, the 7.4-inch electronic price tag with its display area of 161.6 x 96.96 mm and a pixel density of 126 dpi, it is particularly well suited for:
- Ads in large format
- Special promotions and
- Complex product and pricing information.
This price tag is often used for price and product information from goods used in a central space, on tables or in large-scale displays.

Technical details

Dimensions (mm): 
186.9 × 125.9 × 19.3
Display Area (mm) 
161.6 × 96.96
Image resolution (pixels)
800 × 480

pixel density
126 dpi 
Pixel colors 
Black / White or Black / White / Red  
Battery life Black / White  (room temperature)  
5 Years (8 updates / day) 
Battery Life Black / White / Red  (room temperature) 
5 Years (2 updates / day)
128 bit AES with secure key exchange