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Product description

The 2.7-inch large price tag is often used for displaying a combination of product and price information. It offers more space for display, for example,

- for the ingredients or allergens in food trade or
- for QR codes to additional product information or operating instructions. 

Even with the 2.7-inch electronic price tag it is possible to display two prices on a sign or two products using
QR / barcodes for information.

Technical details

Dimensions (mm): 
86.3 × 49.5 × 16.2
Display Area (mm) 
57.3 × 38.3
Image resolution (pixels)
264 x 176

Pixel density
117 dpi

Pixel colors
Black / White or Black / White / Red
Battery life Black / White (room temperature)
5 Years (4 updates / day)
Battery Life Black / White / Red (room temperature)
5 Years (2 updates / day)

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