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Umdasch Digital Retail accompanies you on the way in the age of electronic pricing

  • Implementierungs-Prozess_Elektronische Preisauszeichnung

From decision to implementation -
in just a few weeks

Right from the day of the decision about using electronic shelf labeling (ESL) until the first day of use in the store it takes just a few weeks. Precondition is that the retailer already uses a centralized database where all products and prices are listed. ESL uses this as the basis for the database itself - in most cases the enterprise resource planning system. 

1. First meeting

2. Workshop to define the requirements

3. Price Quotation

4. Customization
– defining of integration in the enterprise resource planning system    
   (CSV / Excel, XML, API Integration) including programming.
– Order the labels in the desired sizes - from 2.2 to 7.4 inches or as a new store concept
   with ESL.exclusive by Umdasch 
– Measuring the coverage on site 
– ordering the Access Points.
5. First product tests

6. Change management

7. Implementation
– Installation of the scanner rails, price tags, Access Points & Co 
– First-time linking of price and product information with the price tag in four steps            
            – The programmed web interface is opened                        
            – the electronic price tag is scanned,             
            – the associated product is scanned / linked            
            – and transfers the Bouncer Price and information on ESL
Welcome to the era of digital price labeling!