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Concept of electronic pricing

  • MMIT_Elektronische Preisauszeichnung_Darstellung

Welcome to the age of modern price and product information

Up to date, time and cost saving.The future of pricing and product information is digital. Electronic Shelf Labeling - ESL is the magic word.
Talking about ESL we mean e-paper desplays which are assembled onto the shelves directly. Once these are connected via wireless technology to the resource planning system, price changes and product information are transferred automatically. ESL is controlled either centrally in the local shop or across an entire branch network.So pricing or product information can be altered and adapted within seconds. Price changes are effortless. Special discounts - whether at certain times of the day or for certain product groups - are possible at any time. Price differences between shelf and payment belong to the past. And finally, we freed your salespeople from dealing with troublesome price tags, they can devote their time to customer service and additional sales. 
So change prices and label information with ESL in seconds: 


A new price / a new product ist detected in the ERP system. 


The MMIT software detects the change in price or a new product.


The ESL Access Point transmits the price change, or product information.  


Confirmation: The label confirms the correct reception.