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ESL - Electronic Shelf Labeling
has arrived in retail

Umdasch Digital Retail accompanies you along the way in the digital age - all from one source.

They are always up to date, saving you time and money: There is talk of Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL). Eye catching e-paper displays enable automatic price labeling of goods and information right where your customers see them.
Studies show that electronic shelf labels will become the new standard within retail industry. A recent survey by the EHI Retail Institute in Germany showed that more than half of the FMCG distributors (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) engaged in ESL market coverage in German-speaking countries. In 13 percent of these, dealers have electronic shelf labeling already in use, in another ten percent it is part of the immediate planning. 40 percent of companies monitoring the technology industry view ESL usage as quite conceivable for their future success. 
Umdasch Digital Retail in Austria has been at the cutting edge in the market since the mid-2000s with ESL, and is one of the pioneers of electronic pricing. Many well-known retailers rely on their expertise.
In-depth marketing knowledge, a sound technical background and a profound knowledge of the needs of retailers have already proved to be the strengths of Umdasch Digital Retail. Together with Umdasch Shopfitting, the strengths of both shop design and custom design can now be linked to meet the demands of electronic shelf labeling customers. A uniqueness that no one else can match. And who else could develop such a first rate product: ESL.inclusive by Umdasch

Your benefits with ESL:

– Continuous price accuracy 

– Portable Prices 

– Quick response to market conditions,
   effortless bulk price changes  
– Pricing points with additional information 

– Visual highlighting for discounts 

– Sales staff has more time for customers 

– Longevity of price tags 

– Low operating costs 

– NEW: ESL.inclusive by Umdasch,
   the first in store construction of fully
   integrated systems for electronic price labels