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Digital Signage Power at the POS

Meet the latest technological developments in a
wide range of sophisticated products for the POS

Individual – everything under one roof

Point-of-sale is not the same old point-of-sale. There is no one product or solution for trading. Every sector works differently, every business has its own strengths and priorities. Therefore the experts of Umdasch Digital Retail has partnered with Umdasch Shopfitting offering a large bandwidth of digital signage solutions.
Umdasch Digital Retail refines any retailer's entry into the digital age. Umdasch has one goal at the heart of every project: the digital signage solutions are optimally tailored to the particular store and implemented accurately. Umdasch studies the strategy of the retailer and takes careful consideration with respect to the appropriate emotion at the point of sale.
For example, a study recently conducted with the University of Vienna found that digital signage has a strong influence on cognition, emotion and behavior of consumers. Affective digital signage messages are influencing most purchases. Through them, the image of the business and the product quality can be better assessed, thus reducing negative emotions and increase the repurchase rate. Even the perceived waiting time at the cash register was reduced by the use of effective Digital Signage.
Whether a Head-up screen, mini Signage for tailored advertising messages on the store shelf, Transparent Box for highlighting an appealing product or Vipos - Virtual Point-of-Sale - as experience production with customer interaction - the experts of Umdasch Digital Retail help you develop the tailored digital signage strategy, advise on the content, can manage the programming of content, mount the solution accurately and support you with content and hardware maintenance as well as with ongoing operation.

Expertise and experience – Experience everything from one source!