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We digitize your store - together

Digital Signage, Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL), including content development, software and maintenance -. The perfect fit for your shop

The ultimate specialist in digital signage companies, Umdasch Digital Retail (prior MMIT Retail) of Linz has been a part of the Umdasch Shopfitting Group since July 2015. This corporate acquisition strengthens and increases the corporate division Digital Retail - in addition to Lifestyle Retail, Food Retail & Premium Retail as one of four divisions of Umdasch Shopfitting. Both together makes the company a specialist in the modern experience points of the future
Classic Shopfitting and digital technologies at the point-of-sale belong together in the future, the management team of Umdasch Digital Retail  - Bernd Albl, Petra Böttinger-Barth and Michael Rodin Lo is convinced.
The Digital Retail Division thinks and lives digital Shopfitting. It develops advanced technologically with cross-channel strategies and associated analog concepts with the knowledge 4.0. This gives the trade a new impetus. Because the two main directions of change are clear: on one hand, the shop of tomorrow is a multimedia experience - on the other hand, products continue to sell thru a wide range of channels. At the end, the following applies: Only an exciting shop makes a good purchase. The decisive factor here is the presentation at the POS: analogue and digital – together.
We look forward to working together!

Bernd Albl

Director Division Digital Retail

Petra Böttinger-Barth   

Managing Director Umdasch Digital Retail GmbH

Michael Rodin-Lo
Managing Director Umdasch Digital Retail GmbH