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We digitalize retail

The pioneer in integrated digital solutions at the POS

Global, networked, urban, mobile, individual: these are the guiding principles of the 21st century. They also apply to Umdasch Digital Retail - partner of the Umdasch Shopfitting Group, which takes care of the digital equipment for the retail industry. As part of the corporate Umdasch Shopfitting - Umdasch Digital Retail develops digital concepts for the stores of tomorrow. The team of Digital Signage experts, IT professionals and programmers provides a wide range of digital products - from electronic price labeling (ESL - electronic shelf labeling) and digital signage, to sound-shower and Vipos, the virtual point-of -Sale. Programming, interface and content management as well as maintenance and after-sales services included.
The big advantage for the customers of Umdasch Shopfitting:
Classic Shopfitting + digital technologies.
Melt into modern experiences.
Together with Umdasch Shopfitting the Digital Retail Sector is the pioneer for integrated solutions in POS!